Varli Singh Biography: Age, Career, Net Worth, Facts


Varli Singh is a singer, a successful entrepreneur and actress. She is the editor-in-chief and CEO of Varli Magazine: a magazine which educates people from all over the globe about Indian Cuisine.

Another of her achievement is the start up of her Varli Food Festival and VarliWare kitchen equipment.

She took note of the need for a better and greater forum for Indian chefs following her review of Michelin Guides and Food Zagat.

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Varli Singh Date of Birth| Age

Varli was born on the 15th of November 1977 in the capital of Egypt; Cairo.
She is presently 42 years old as of February 2020.

Music Career

Speaking of her music career, she has released an emotional Hindi song dubbed “Phir Bhi Hun Main Zinda” and While explaining the essence of the song in an interview, she explained that the song means standing against any form of torture in Relationships.

She has released another song titled What is greed?

Social media

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On her social media life, she is a well known Tik Tok user with over 1 million followers,On her Facebook account, Varli has over 2k followers and on Instagram, she has 51k plus followers. Besides all these, Varli also has her own website.

On Instagram she can be reached through the username: @varlisingh.


For now, we don’t have any concrete information about her high school, college or university.


It appears she doesn’t like showcasing her personal life details to the social media.
According to reports, she has lived in some parts of Asia through out her life but presently she resides in New York.

Net worth

The entrepreneur and singer Varli is presently worth over $10million.


She measures about 5 feet 3 inches tall and 55kg as her body weight.
The colour of her hair is dark brown and she has a dark brown eye.


The famous Cairo born star is married to Ricky Singh. Though the date they began their marital journey is yet unknown but the union is blessed with two daughters. Their names are Samaira Singh and Diyta Singh. From indications, she has a very loving and supportive family.

Other Facts

Varli presently resides in New York City although she has lived in different Middle East and Asian cities
she has released 2 songs titled “Phir Bhi Hun Main Zinda” and what is greed?”
She has Indian roots.
She has a YouTube Tv called with over 8,000 subscribers.
In 1997, she was into a different job but she later switched back.
She loves watching music videos and American movies.

Varli Singh Achievements

She unveiled the Inaugural of Varli Culinary Awards.
She is a well known face on Tik Tok with almost a million followers. Her Tik Tok user name is Varlicious.
She is a highly respected entrepreneur having impacted her society positively and showcased her culture to the rest of the world.


It seems the super talented singer and entrepreneur is not stopping yet as she is now staring in different movies.
Some of those videos are the savior, teaser and blue diamond.

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