10 ways to explore the world virtually


Virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D printing are enabling us to explore the world almost anywhere. With these methods, our imaginations are free to soar towards new ideas and worlds.

Virtual reality is without a doubt, the latest technological revolution that has enabled us to explore the world almost anywhere. It comes in different forms like gaming, entertainment and more. There are 3D printers available in the market. These can produce different objects from paper or plastic.

Virtual Reality (VR) is now becoming popular among almost everyone because of its various benefits. We can now explore our world virtually and interact with the virtual world as we never thought possible.

The technology is still in its infancy but it’s already providing a pleasant experience to many people. Virtual reality has many applications in different fields like education, entertainment, sports, games, etc.

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This is a creative technology that offers a 360-degree experience, can be used in many different applications, and offers an immersive experience.

Let’s now look at the 10 ways to explore the world virtually

Explore the world virtually by voyaging to where no one has gone before

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology, but it has been gaining momentum as a leading platform for immersive media. Applications of virtual reality technology rely on the interactions between real and virtual objects.

Since the early days of virtual reality, researchers have been studying its potential to engage users in non-verbal communication – especially in regard to empathy – and how this could be extended into other areas. In the past, VR was used mostly for computer games, however, recently it has become more mainstream and research has been carried out regarding its social implications.

The main concern about VR is whether or not it can be used as a tool to generate empathy towards individuals from different political perspectives or different races or ethnicities. The current research world is expanding rapidly with new technological devices being developed at an ever-increasing speed.

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Explore the world virtually by taking a hike along the Great Wall of China

With human in-house support these days, the big challenge is to find the right way to do it.

As a matter of fact, when you ask an HR manager for suggestions for vacation plans in China, there are many good ideas that they have already collected over the years.

When you are tasked with writing blog posts or other content for your clients’ sites, chances are that you will need to travel around China at least once in your career.

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous tourist spots in China and has always attracted tourists from all around the world and this is why it was chosen by Google as their homepage image:

Explore the world virtually by wander around Venice’s canals

Venice boasts more than 1,000 bridges, canals, islands and creeks. This virtual tour allows you to experience the beauty of this city when it is outside of your view through the live streams on YouTube channel, I Love You Venice. With live streaming, audiences have the opportunity to explore historic cities in real time.

Explore the world virtually by connecting with locals in other countries


Virtual travel companions allow you to interact with the local people living in places you’re visiting. Your companion will even learn interaction skills like bartering, negotiating & wandering about town. They will provide useful information and authenticate events, offering memorable (and time-saving) interactions during travel.

These are online travel experiences that are similar to those of Airbnb. The movement is surging with better technological tools creating endless new opportunities for travelers that can help connect people together and ultimately make the world a better place.

Airbnb has recently turned to a new business model and have adjusted to this by developing an interactive digital experience called Experiences. With it, travelers can get updates from friends around them nearby, schedule a local Uber or connect with a local host for a tour of their city.

Explore the world virtually by recreating a day in your favorite destination

This is a funny example but powerful. AFAR editor, Brandon Naggs, gives you insights on each of these aspects in his extensive collection of guides. However, what you don’t get is the controls like the improvising & customization he has when it comes to his virtual tours.

Explore the world virtually by going on a safari game drive

A virtual trip through the Big Five, on Air Safari. For a glimpse of leopards, lions & other wildlife that you might see whilst visiting your zoological adventures, watch this online video from BBC Wildlife.

Where are the Big Five? Where are they in real life? How do people find out about them?

How far would you go to go on a safari game drive with your relatives in Africa, even if it meant risking your life? What would you do when you cannot return home by the end of the adventure? This is what a virtual safari game drive into real Africa will take you through. You will have to learn so much about this beautiful place. And it’s all possible because of this app.

This app allows you to have a virtual safari game drive around Europe, Asia and America, or even through interesting countries like Australia, New Zealand & North America. It gives you access to thousands of photos taken by professional photographers and travelers who have done this before.

Explore the world virtually by watching a film or TV show set in another country

If you’re traveling, switch it up a bit by using a variety of different genres to get an even broader variety of film watching. and streams that will take you to Rome (figuratively, of course) that you can stream at any time

Different movies are viewed for different reasons. From astrophysics to crime dramas, there are so many great genre films out there that you’ll never watch the same thing twice.

Explore the world virtually by eat an iconic dish from another city

With the ease of virtual technology, you can make your favorite dish in the comfort of home. You might even prefer to go for this instead of an actual restaurant experience. —a list of countries where the recipes are available.

Virtual technology is making dining at restaurants and taking home food easier than ever. The ease and convenience of virtual technology allows you to take out your food from the restaurant and cook it in your own kitchen, without having to rely on a dining partner.

Explore the world virtually by turning your home into a wellness retreat

A retreat like this one is by design and in fact in some cases is not possible in hotels and spas. It has to be in a place that provides relaxation and provides the luxury of uninterrupted rest at any hour. Impress your new boss by making some small luxury changes to your workplace. You might even want to include a quote of this suave Italian cutie on cardstock it has him/her.

In conclusion we have been able to explore the world virtually through the following outlined method, help share this information with social media audience for informational and educational purpose.



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