20 Souvenir ideas to gift your wedding guests in Nigeria


Today, we present you 20 Souvenir ideas for wedding souvenirs in Nigeria.

You know how people tend to appreciate souvenirs at parties, most notably weddings — always looking forward to memories at wedding parties after spending a lot on buying an Asoebi worth of 15k, 30K e.t.c most people still want to know what they will get as a souvenir.

Cheap Souvenir Gift Ideas for Wedding in Nigeria

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Simply because everyone needs some souvenirs to remind them of the fantastic Union, getting a unique and tangible souvenir will require a lot of time brainstorming sessions that will take your energy. In the process of brainstorming, you will also need to check your budget.

We have listed below some brilliant wedding souvenir ideas for your wedding ceremony, your guest will find them very lovely.

Carrier Bags

This is a type of bag that helps you Carry your item quickly.

Kitchen Cooler

Everyone will love this because it helps them a lot in keeping their food warm.

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Your guests will always have you in their hearts when they see the customized mugs.

Ankara Items

You can never go wrong with Ankara. It is either it comes as a notebook, as a makeup purses, umbrellas mention it. This is an excellent idea and gives this to your guests.

 Key Holder

You know how handful a key is. A glance at your pictures on their key holder gives them a memory of your event.

Knife Sharpeners

You’re going to save the hustle of your guest from sharpening their knives at inconveniences. This is a unique gift that everyone will appreciate.

Throw Pillows

Imagine how the memory of your wedding ring is in your guest said whenever is snuggle or throw the pillow.

Tissue Holder

A tissue holder brings styles to your home. Your guests will appreciate this.

Hand Fans

Hand fans are lovely for party gifts, and it will never go wrong.



Sudden rain can ruin an outing. Well, an umbrella will always save the day.

Wall Clocks

This is another beautiful souvenir that will never go wrong. It makes excellent decor.


Napkins are very, very essential in every home and they’re perfect for your wedding.
Serving trays: this is another underestimated souvenir that your guests will appreciate. You are essential in every household.


Monogrammed customized guest towels and hand towels are an excellent gift for your party. It will always give your guest in memory of your fantastic wedding day.

Food flask

A customized food flask will keep your guests smiling and appreciative.

Notebooks And Jotters

Everybody uses notebooks for to-do list meeting notes office note, sermon note name it will never go wrong.

Cutlery Drainer

Cutlery drainer is one of the must-haves in homes and your well-wishers will sure appreciate as a memorable souvenir from your occasion.

Two in one bottle opener and fidget magnet

You will love and remember your events for good.

Household Items

This can come from frying pans pencil holder soap and brush holder plastic filter, and a bowl is a great idea.

Customized Wine

This would leave a lasting impression on your guest.

Swiss Watch

This is a very costly wedding souvenir for those who don’t mind packing something more pricey for their distinguished guests and well-wishers on their special day.


The news of your wedding will make it to the news the next day if you distribute smartphones as souvenirs to your guests on your occasion.


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