What to do when Android is heating up


Your mobile device which can be a smartphone inform of Android or iOS device is a personal computer I might even do more than desktop does so it also encountered several problems and malfunctions which include overheating.

You probably might have been using your phone and suddenly you got an error message that specifies that your phone is too hot or overheating, well in this post who will talk about what causes your Android device to overheat and how to solve the problem.

If your phone overheats and it just started all by itself then there are questions that may come to your mind. Questions like if you have some apps that are running in the background of your phone without your knowledge or if you are engaged in a high activity with your phone that is stressing it out. whatever reason it might be it is difficult to specifically indicate what causes your Android phone to overheat.

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There are some Android devices that when it overheats the phone become sluggish I might even shut down so that the phone can cool its system.

You might be using your phone to play music on Spotify or the taking pictures or playing games before it starts overheating but whatever you have been doing, You might not really know why it started that way.

However, there is one thing you should know. If your Android phone is warm after using an app or made a call then it’s totally fine and normal.
The several components of your Android phone that can make it overheat when putting to use and they are;

Camera, processor, screen, battery, and others. It happens just like a normal personal computer does when being used for long. the difference is that personal computers and laptops have special fans that help in calling them and you can also buy external fans where is Android phones don’t.

They use circuit coatings that is inside the phone to diffuse heat. That is why when your phone is overheating it gets really hot on the outer body.

Why your Android phone is overheating

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There are several reasons why your Android phone overheats and I’ll take time to explain them in detail here.

Direct sunlight or warm environment

If your phone is directly exposed to sunlight like leaving your phone at a beach, or on a table that is exposed to bright sunlight then you should know that ultraviolet rays that come from sunlight can overheat a phone.

Your phone can easily overheat if it’s exposed to a heat source or direct sunlight for a long time.
If you leave your phone in your car on a hot day and the ultraviolet Ray is trapped in the same car that is not under a shed then your phone is definitely going to overheat and probably blow up.

This type of overheating is always a major issue as it can cause big damage to the internal components of your phone.

It will affect things like your battery life and affect your charge time. it will also slow down the performance of your phone and might crack your phone screen. Having said this avoid keeping your phone for long in a hot weather.

Screen or processing power

Another major reason why your phone might overheat it is if it’s exposed to too much processing power or if it’ emits high lights from your phone screen. There are several factors that cause the processing power to get so intense and lead to overheating and they are;

This major factors cause your phone to overheat maybe when you are using several apps at the same time. This usually comes up when there are apps and the Android device that are running in the background.


When you play games for too long on your Android device it gets really hot and overheats.
Also if you have been watching YouTube Netflix or other streaming content for quite a while on your phone it is possible it would get heat up.

If your screen brightness is too high and you are browsing with it your phone might also get heated up.

When your Android device is connected to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a long while your phone gets hot.
When you take too many pictures or record very long videos with your phone camera your phone might overheat and even end up killing your battery in the process.

This particular reason is not really bad but what you need to do is to take a break and allow your phone to cool off.


If your phone suddenly starts getting too hot then something is wrong with it. This could mean that there might be malware somewhere in the Android device that is pushing it to its limit.

What’s malware does two laptops and desktop computers is that once infected it will Max out the processes and make the system shut down. The same thing is applicable to your Android device.

If you have mistakenly called a mobile malware on your phone it will keep running apps, widgets, and other harmful processes without your permission. This activity is on your phone’s processor will strain it and cause overheating.

What you can do to prevent this malware is to only download apps, files, attachment, data, from verified and trusted sources like Google play store.

Take these steps to stop overheating

once your phone gets too hot or starts overheating there are few steps you can easily try out to get it to cool down instantly.

Take a break

Once it starts take a break from your phone. Some phones even lookup automatically when it hits a certain temperature.

The next thing you should do is to find a dark cool place where you can leave the phone to cool off for a while. Your Android device would start working after a few minutes.

Remove phone case

If there is a phone case on your Android device which protects it from physical damage you can easily remove it because some of them cause poor ventilation and trap heat that is supposed to diffuse out of the phone.

Switch on Airplane mode

If your phone is overheating you can switch on the airplane mode to close data Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections which might be stressing your phone’s processor. You can easily find the switch to turn on airplane mode in your general settings.

Shut down all apps

there might be many applications and processes that are still running in your background without you knowing what you need to do is to automatically close all of them. When they are all shut down, your phone will rest for a while and recover.


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