Where is gold found in Nigeria?


Gold is a beautiful shiny yellow metal that has great value. It is said to be created by the massive explosion into the supernova.

There are pure golds which has been alloyed and made up of metals like coppers, Silver platinum and palladium.

It is used as an item of decoration as a medium of exchange like coin it can also be used for dental fixations like gold teeth.

What is she not is that the amount of gold that makes up the alloy is being measured in karats.
Gold is the most valuable metal in the whole world because it’s highly resistant to corrosion. It is only the mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid that can corrode it.

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You should also know this about Gold:
In comparison to other metals gold does not react more chemically.
Gold is a chemical element.
Gold is a conductor of heat and electricity.
Gold is soft, dense and it’s shiny.
God is also known to be a very malleable metal.

One amazing fact about gold is that it is not perishable it does not react to oxygen meaning it will not rust.
Gold can be found as a pure native metal in the placers stream. It is being mined in countries like Nevada and Alaska in the USA, South Africa Russia Australia, Canada and also small quantities are found in Nigeria.

Gold can be used in ornamental like pieces of jewelry. It could be chains, necklace, wristwatches, and bracelets.

However, most plated gold last for only a year but we good quality the last at least three years if you wear them every day.

It is the quartz rock that gold is usually discovered. He could also be found in River beds.

No people buy gold and gold bars and deposit it in bank for safety it is a way of investment.
Gold is used in the production and customization of electronics and computers.
It is also used in producing medals and statuses.

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Gold is used in the medical field especially in dentistry where it is used to replace a decayed or fallen tooth.

This is because it is the best feeling for the crown as it can easily take shape.

Also, wearing gold has a health benefit. It gives a relaxing effect. This means it improves your blood circulation.

Gold remains the only metal that is yellow. Other metals don’t yellow after they have the mixed with chemicals or have been oxidized.

It was the meteorite that struck the Earth 200 million years ago that brought gold.
The element symbol for gold which is AU stands for a Latin word which is aurum meaning ‘glow of sunrise’. Gold is ductile meaning that it can be stretched long and most people also use it for embroidery.

Although gold is dense and heavy it is still non-toxic. Pure gold is 24 karats, 18-karat gold equals 75%, 14 karat equals 58.5% While 10 karat is 41.8% pure gold.


While other metals are being dissolved by acid it’s only a special type of acid that can dissolve gold which is called aqua regia. Gold is pure, it is tasteless and odorless.

Gold Discovery can be traced back to California where it was first found. Although many people had suspected gold to be in California, it was only James w Marshall who first saw it while overseeing a sawmill 24th of January 1848. This happened in Sutter Creek near Coloma in California.

The largest gold mine in terms of contained gold is located in Grasberg which is in Papua province of Indonesia but in terms of most gold mined in the world then we have to give it to South Africa as Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa is the richest gold field in the world which has produced over 40% of gold mined in the world till date.

Getting a gold mine is no easy task as it takes a lot of time to mine and refine gold. This is because it takes at least 10-20 years to set up a gold mine to refine pure gold.

The United States of America also possess large quantities of gold as they have several gold mines across their states.

These are the US states with gold production Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, South Dakota, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Washington.

Where is Gold found in Nigeria?

Gold deposits have been discovered in Northern Nigeria in areas like Maru, Malele, Anka, Tsohon, Gwari-Kwaga, Birnin, Gurmana, Okolom-Dogondaji, Bin Yauri, and also in Osun state it is in Iperindo.

However gold deposits is not very dominant in Nigeria like crude oil is. Gold production in Nigeria started in the year 1913 and boomed in the late 1930s.

According to statistics meaning of mineral resources only account for 0.3% of the gross domestic product this is because Nigeria depend solely on crude oil export.

Nigeria’s mining industry is not developed and this is shocking because Nigeria now have to import minerals that he should have produced locally these are minerals like iron ore or salt.

It is only the Federal Government of Nigeria that can own mineral resources however what is does is that it gives minute right to some companies to explore mine refine and sell this mineral resources and bring returns for the government.

A regulation commission was setup in Nigeria in the early 1980s to stand for the exploration of gold this commission is known as the Nigerian mining corporation (NMC).

However there are factors that made it not to function properly and led to its failure. These are lack of funds and equipment and also embezzlement of profit.

So basically in Nigeria there are many small-scale mining operations but there is currently no large-scale gold mining in Nigeria.

Mining exploration has also turned out badly in Nigeria it has impacted negatively on the local environment this is because most of these corporation don’t take care of the environment they basically after their profits this leads to loss in health of the local residents.

And several negative consequences of exploration in Nigeria like vegetative loss deforestation abandoned sites radiation and degradation of land all which are not properly compensated for and this has led to some uprising in the middle belt.


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