Who established the first TV station in Nigeria?


Welcome to the page where you get to know more about Nigeria’s first television station and not just that, you will know more at the end of this article about the history of Media in Nigeria.
News media has always been an assistant in Nigeria since ages however it is transformed through Time via different mediums.

These different mediums include town criers, gong beaters, and word-of-mouth. This served the purpose back then the first realization came bringing with it a modern Media which includes radio, newspapers, and television.

The news media is very diverse and contains information dissemination with opinions.
The topic news media carries include fashion, politics, news on government, lifestyle religion, and entertainment.

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They don’t just give the consumers of this Media the topics they also influence what they choose to.

Before the establishment of Nigeria’s indigenous television station, the British broadcasting corporation was in existence.

Who establish the first tv station in Nigeria?

Chief Obafemi Awolowo established the first Nigerian television station in the year 1959.
The television station was named Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) and it was situated in Ibadan.

It was a record-breaking establishment in Nigeria as not just that it was the first television station to be set up in Nigeria it was also the first television station to be established in Africa too.

Regions were allowed and given permission to set up that TV stations and broadcasting were added to the concurrent list after its removal from the exclusive list of government powers. List regional television stations would be independent of the control of the government.

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It was due to this enactment of a law that the western region house Parliament pass the law which allowed the creation of the first television station in Nigeria issues the western Nigerian Television (WNTV).

Even though the western region house Parliament projected the major purpose of the establishment of the first television station in Nigeria to be enabling literacy for the citizens and support for the understaffed educational sector it was also rumored that they were political motives behind its establishment.

After the setup of this television station in the west are the regions of Nigeria followed suit. The Eastern region established theirs in 1960 while the northern region established in 1962.

Although they were not fully independent at that time because they have a partnership with a British broadcasting company named Rediffusion who had been in charge of the supplies and installments of equipment at the TV station.

Now let’s examine the Nigerian television authority popularly known as NTA. This is a partly commercial broadcaster that is been owned by the Nigerian government. the Nigerian television authority did not start becoming dominant recently it has monopolized the television broadcasting in Nigeria for ages.


NTA is going to be the biggest television network in Nigeria that has stations scattered in several parts of the country.

NTA was initially known as Nigerian Television (NT), it was during the military era that this television station took over the regional television stations due to the fact that Nigerian military use it as a very authentic means to reach out to the people in all parts of the country and this became very dominant in 1976.

It was by 31st of October 1959 Nigerian television authority started performing under the name of western Nigerian government broadcasting corporation (WNTV). At that time, the Station’s first chairman was known às Olapade Obisesan.

NTA what’s officially established in 1977 and after two years it has broadcasted to over 20% of the population.

NTA Branches in Nigeria

Nigerian television authority had already established over 101 TV stations in different states and towns of Nigeria in 2014. However, out of the enormous 101 television stations listed only 9 are network centers. The network centers of the Nigerian television authority are in the early establishment States which are Ibadan, Enugu, Jos, Lagos, Kaduna, Benin, Makurdi, Sokoto and Maiduguri.

Below is the list of NTA Branches in Nigeria.

  • NTA Aba
  • NTA Abeokuta
  • NTA Abuja
  • NTA Plus Abuja
  • NTA Ado-Ekiti
  • NTA Akure
  • NTA Asaba
  • NTA Akwa
  • NTA Bauchi
  • NTA Benin
  • NTA Birnin-kebbi
  • NTA Calabar
  • NTA Damaturu
  • NTA Duste
  • NTA Enugu
  • NTA Gombe
  • NTA Gusau
  • NTA Ibadan
  • NTA Ife
  • NTA Ijebu-Ode
  • NTA Ilorin
  • NTA International
  • NTA Jalingo
  • NTA Jos
  • NTA Kaduna
  • NTA Kano
  • NTA Kastina
  • NTA 2 Channel 5 Lagos
  • NTA Channel 10 Lagos
  • NTA Lafia
  • NTA Lokoja
  • NTA Maiduguri
  • NTA Makurdi
  • NTA Minna
  • NTA Ondo
  • NTA Osogbo
  • NTA Owerri
  • NTA Port-Harcourt
  • NTA Sokoto
  • NTA Uyo
  • NTA Yenagoa
  • NTA Yola
  • NTA Sapele
  • NTA Education
  • NTA Sports

The fact that the Nigerian television authority has achieved a lot of feats cannot be doubted but there are some issues that undermine the effort of the television station.

One of the major problems being that the television station is partly funded by the government which means that it doesn’t give a clear representation of issues because it’s independent on the government for funds.

The television station might become a puppet in the hands of the ruling Masters in terms of influencing some content being shown to the masses.
However, gradually there became a politicization of appointment in The Nigerian Television Authority.

Also, another major problem being faced by the network is that the public criticized this television station for using outdated and antique pieces of equipment in its productions. People believe that the technology being used at NTA is not up-to-date as their counterparts in different countries both private and public are doing extraordinarily well.

This is probably why the minister of information line Muhammad proposed a mind-blowing amount in the budget for the rejuvenation of the Nigerian television authority promising that at the end of the project NTA would compete with CNN and other foreign news agencies.


Notable Staff at Nigerian Television Authority

Chris Anyanwu  Newsreader and reporter, NTA Aba
Ben Murray Bruce Director general of NTA (1999-2003)
Julie Coker  Newreader and presenter (Julie’s World), NTA Lagos
Sadiq Daba  Producer & editor, NTA Sokoto & NTA Jos
Funmi Iyanda  Sports reporter/ presenter of New Dawn On Ten, NTA Lagos
John Momoh  Newsreader NTA Network
Tade Ogidan  Producer/Director, NTA 2 Channel 5
Bimbo Roberts  Newsreader (Network News), NTA Network
Onyeka Onwenu  Newsreader & reporter, NTA Lagos; presenter of Contact and Who’s On?, NTA Network
Nkem Owoh  Producer and newsreader, NTA Enugu
Cyril Stober  Newsreader (Network News), NTA Network
Alex Usifo  Operations assistant/producer, NTA Benin
Muhammad Kudu Abubakar  Newsreader (Network News), NTA Network
A’isha Bello Mustafa  Newsreader (Network News), NTA Network



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