Who gave Nigeria her name?


Welcome to the page where you get to know more about Nigeria. Nigeria is an African country that is located on the Gulf of Guinea. it is known to have several wildlife reserves and natural landmarks.

There are also cool areas that are protected like Cross River and Yankari National Park both have dense rainforest, waterfalls, savanna, and also rare primate habitats. Nigeria also has some rocks to check out like Zuma rock and Olumo rock even the presidential Aso rock. It is indeed a beautiful country.

Who gave Nigeria her name?

The name Nigeria was derived from the niger river popularly known as river Niger. The name was formed by British journalist miss flora Shaw in the 19th century. She later got married to the British colonial administrator named Lord Lugard.
Nigeria was formerly called the Royal Niger company territories.

Here is a short biography of Miss Flora Shaw.

Flora is an English journalist and writer from United kingdom she was born on 19th of December 1852 in Woolwich. She died at 76 years of age on 25th of January 1929 in surrey.
She was married to Frederick lugard.

She was born into a home of 14 children she was the 4th her father captain letter become major general George shaw was an English man while mother Marie Adrienne Josephine a native of Mauritius was french.

Flora had 9 sisters and four Brothers, diagram father was the third baronet of bushy Park Dublin named Sir Fredrick Shaw. he was known to be the leader of the Irish conservative.

Like I mentioned earlier Shaw was known for writing and she wrote phone numbers for children and one for young adults between 1987 to 1986.

She had always empowered and encouraged young girls to be brave and resourceful she had the ideology of being an imperialist and at the same time sexually conservative.
Let’s get to the part where she named Nigeria.

On 8 of January 1897, Miss Shaw had an article published in the times of London where she had pointed out a suggestive name for a British protectorate on the Niger river. The name was – Nigeria.

In the essay she was making a call which was advocating for making use of a shorter term for the ‘agglomeration of pagan and mahomedan States’ which was functioning with the official term royal niger company territories.

She saw the name has been too long for a real estate company in Africa then our quest to get something short she coined Nigeria so bye the 8 of January 1897 truth and she wrote in the times of London newspaper saying:

“The name Nigeria applying to no other part of Africa may without offence to any neighbours be accepted as co-extensive with the territories over which the Royal Niger Company has extended British influence, and may serve to differentiate them equally from the colonies of Lagos and the Niger Protectorate on the coast and from the French territories of the Upper Niger.”

Flora shaw was very close to the men in charge of Africa’s governance and exploitation at that time and they were George Goldie, Cecil Rhodes, and Frederick Lugard. This probably led to her marriage with Nigeria’s colonial administrator Lord Fredrick Lugard in 10th June 1902. Lugard later became Baron Lugard in 1928.

The couple did not have any children but Flora had always been by her husband while they went to different countries like when Lugard  was made the Governor of Hong Kong (between 1907–1912) and he later became Governor-General of Nigeria (between 1914–1919).

Shaw in her writings wrote about the history of sudan and the modern settlements in the northern Nigeria. She also helped her husband build and establish a university while they resided in Hong Kong is University is known as the University of Hong Kong she was also very known for the war refugees community she founded during the first world war.

Is 1 refuge is community help the Belgium refugees a lot. She had also founded the lady lugard hospitality committee. Due to her great and charitable works during the New year’s honours in

1918 she got appointed as Dame commander of the order of the British empire.
Flora died in Surrey on the 25th of January 1929 are the cause of death being pneumonia.

Where is Nigeria Located?

Nigeria is the largest African or black country in the world. It shares land border with Chad and Cameroon in the east, Republic of Benin in the West and niger in the North.

Nigeria has its coast on the gulf of Guinea in the south. Nigeria has lake Chad to the northeast.
Nigeria has a compact area of 356,376 square miles which is 923 768 square kilometres. This made Nigeria the 32nd on the list of the largest countries in the world by land mass.

Nigeria also has a latitudinal extent of 4° to 14°N and Longitudinal coordinates of 2° to 15°E. The climate of the country depends on the part in which you find yourself for instance if you are in the south it is equatorial while it is arid in the north and also the central part is tropical.

Nigeria has one of the strongest economy in Africa as it was rated as the largest in 2014, No wonder Nigeria is notable as giant of Africa. This is owing to the fact that Nigeria has a mono-economy which depends soley on oil exports.

This short table summaries the key factors in knowing Nigeria, take a look:


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