Who is a Yoruba Demon?


Yoruba demon is very popular slang for a fresh-looking young man, mostly of Yoruba descent, who has been gifted uniquely to effortlessly make women fall for their charms very easily.

He is thought to be naturally a talented smooth speaker and a Casanova, who is proud to be able to acquire a large group of beautiful female admirers, babes, and side chicks. The words Yoruba Demon began in 2015 as a joke on social media platforms but were also used as an ethnic slur or insult.

Yoruba demons are generally associated with wedding parties (Owanbe); usually, they are the groom’s men or friends with the uniform.

They are usually dressed in Native Yoruba attire like Buba, Agbada, Sokoto, and fila (hat). Yoruba demon is always neat and smartly dressed in a stereotypical manner.

According to Urban Dictionary, “A Yoruba demon is gifted at absolving himself of any responsibility in his relationships.

Generally, he is a seductive cocktail of sweet and bitter and there is no going back after you date a Yoruba demon, you keep coming back for more.”

Memorials synonymous with Yoruba demons include smooth tongue, trendy and fashionable dressing, flirting and lying, surrounded by beautiful ladies, easygoing, articulate accents.

They are everywhere, it is not written on their forehead but I’ll give you tips on how to spot them.

Here are some pointers:

1) Slick tongue

Yoruba demons have a great sense of humor. They can charm anyone just by spending a few minutes talking to them. If you are toasted by a Yoruba demon, he will make you feel as the world’s most beautiful woman.
They have a style that would melt the toughest of hearts with words. Seduction is at the tip of their tongues and you’ll be addicted if they use it on you.

2) Good dressers

Yoruba demons know how to slay and how to dress gorgeously. A fashion sense and elegance are designed to attract the feminine eye. Mostly they’re associated with the classic white trading outfit that has captured many women’s hearts.

A Yoruba demon is difficult to resist when he is wearing a white agbada. Yeah, it is hard to avoid them when they rock the best style they can toast you on their Sunday.

3) Late replies

Yoruba demons are elusive masters of instant messaging apps. When you give him a message and he leaves you trapped on R for hours, you’re talking to a Yoruba-demon, my friend.

When he removes his Whatsapp’s read receipts and never reacts because he is “busy,” then he is a Yoruba demon.

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4) Surrounded by beautiful women

Beautiful women often surround a Yoruba demon. Such people are just his friends and relatives if you ask him. Occasionally even he could tell you that his sister is the hot chick who accompanied him to a case.

Don’t believe the lies, he’s got a bunch of women on rotation and he wants you to be a part of the circus.

With the above points, when you meet someone who matches those criteria, Run for your heart!.



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