Who is the current minister of education in Nigeria?


Education is very wonderful. it is an exciting and enlightening experience. Education is the process of giving and receiving systematic instruction in an academic institution.

Education is very crucial because it equips us with the tools how much we need to go through life with. However, there are three types of education which are formal informal and non-formal education.

Do most people see formal education as being the best and people without it might look like they’re dumb but that is actually the opposite especially in life where formal education does not determine everything.

That is why you get to see people that we are smart in the class but in the real world, they couldn’t make it.

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Education is a process that facilitates learning acquisition of skills knowledge beliefs values and habits. Education uses methods that include discussion teaching storytelling training and also research.

However it is very crucial to know that there also benefits of education even though most people might deny it because they lacked education. But an individual level and group levels education has proven to increase economic growth and stability. Education improves an individual’s life and also society’s.

Once we are knowledgeable and Leonard you tend to enjoy your life and live a more fulfilled life.
Why must people in Nigeria do to influence level education as scam it is very important for us to note that education does a whole lot in our lives and this includes exposing her mind and helping us in problem-solving later on in life it helps equip us for our jobs and careers.

However education in Nigeria is a different ball game. Nigeria has a fairly good educational system reason being that most of the teachings are theoretical and not practical.

Also most people complain about the scheme of work or curriculum which schools operate. Nigeria’s educational system has been raided with series of issues which include poor educational infrastructure is poor funded by the government inadequate classrooms lack of quality teachers poor remuneration dilapidated teaching aids and in conducive learning environment.

But the solution of these problems are all years and wouldn’t cost much. All the government has to do is to reduce the number of students in each classroom set some examples, eliminate standardized exams, add more volunteers and internship programs.

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Yes it might not be an easy task support it will take a while and our system will be fixed.
Education in Nigeria dates back to 1842 which was one primary School at the former level started. It was managed and owned bye the Western Christian missionary.

Most people I ask why education in Nigeria is not so special but trust me education is said to be the best legacy the country can offer its citizens reason being because it’s only an enlightened man that can lead the country to national and global development.

The ministry of education is a very important role appointment in Nigeria. this is because the responsibility of the younger generation would be on the hands of the minister.

Well in this current century my generation it is very important and whoever will hurt the ministry of education should be a vibrant intelligent and experienced academic.


So to answer your question the current minister of education in Nigeria is Malam Adamu Adamu.

Prior to his appointment by President Buhari in 2015 he was in Bauchi state. For his education, he studied at Ahmadu Bello University in the northern part of Nigeria.

That is where he studied accountancy I became a professional in handling money. I buy this skill might not be crucial for his current ministerial position but was essential.

Has anyone picking up bro political position should be accountable and have his way transparently around money. After he got his degree as an accountant I got hired at CCP and other woman she was still working for CNL which was in Bauchi state.

Mallam Adamu Adamu is 56 years of age. Due to his passion and zeal for new things mallam adamu started to write and he became a public analyst it was in 1984 that landed his first job as an editor in newspaper and was renowned as a columnist for daily trust.

As years went by he became known as a political commentator who is very active in giving his opinion in events that happened in Nigeria.

Mallam has always shown his bravery as he publicly took a stand with most States.
He never restricted himself to one state while he was a writer at the newspaper who wrote his articles.

Adamu has served as a personal assistant to one of pdp’s supporters and first national chairman by name Solomon Lar.

Expectations are very high from him as the minister of education in Nigeria this is because to whom much power is given more responsibility is expected. Adam was renowned for is harsh and destructive criticism towards the late president.

The educational system in Nigeria is in a state of dilemma and quagmire and hot sauce the minister will have to give his very best in service.Now..here are things you should know about him

He is known for being a political commentator and also a colummunist with daily trust.

Adam has been a strong believer of Buhari is administration. Adams had escorted the general during the 2007 election.

So far he has been trying his very best to carry out his duties and that is usual but what we are saying is does he have the capacity to be creative to make a change in Nigeria using his office or will you stick to the old and traditional methods of doing things in the government as he belongs to same cabal with the president.

Honestly, there has been a good run of educational system in a while the only issue is the conflict between academic staff bodies and the Federal government on the issue of delay in their remuneration. This has affected students of the tertiary institution in one way or the other and there has been no permanent solution of it.


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