Who is the owner of Hulu?


Hulu is a video on demand subscription service based in the United States of America. It is fully managed by Walt Disney Company who are the major shareholders, with NBCUniversal an equity stakeholder with 33% shares.

The name Hulu is a Mandarin word for “Calabash” (bottle gourd) and also “Interactive recording

Hulu was earlier created to serve as a collective venture for NBC Universal, Providence Equity Partners, News Corporation, and Walt Disney eventually, these ventures provides Hulu with recent episodes of TV series from their individual television networks.

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Hulu started a subscription service in 2010 called Hulu Plus which gives its subscribers complete season of programs and quick access to new episodes.

Hulu made of 28 million subscribers as of 2019 thanks to the Hulu with Live TV feature it launched back in 2017, this feature is a top IPTV service that comes with linear television channels.

Walt Disney acquired 21st Century Fox in March 2019, earning it a majority stake of 60% in Hulu, AT&T also sold its 10% stake to Disney and Comcast has announced an agreement to sell its 30% to Disney in 2024, making Disney television the owner of Hulu.

Owner of Hulu-Walt Disney

Disney announced in 2017 that it would take over 21st Century Fox with its initial 30% stake in Hulu but it eventually rose to 60% when the deal completed in 2019. On April 15, 2019, Disney bought AT&T 10% shares in Hulu for $1.43 billion.

The Walt Disney Company best known as Disney is an American multinational entertainment and mass media conglomerate with headquarters in Burbank, California, United States.

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Created in 1923, it was formerly known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, in 1926 it was renamed to The Walt Disney Studio which was used for three years and in 1929 changed to Walt Disney production up until 1986 when it was rebranded to The Walt Disney Company.


It was founded by two brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney and serves television entertainment world wide.

Disney quickly became the leader in the American Animation Industry after which it diversified into television, live-action movie production and theme parks.

Disney has a lot of film studios such as;

  • Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Fox 2000 Pictures
  • Walt Disney Animation Studio
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Disney Pixar
  • Lucas Film
  • Blue Sky Productions
  • Marvel Studio

Disney also owns a lot of television units and reporting segments like;

  • Disney Parks
  • Disney Direct-to-Customer & International
  • Disney Media Network
  • Disney Experience and Products
  • ABC Broadcast Network
  • ESPN
  • Disney Channel
  • National Geographic
  • FX
  • Freeform

Disney has 14 theme parks worldwide and 201,000 official Staff as at September 2018.

Walt Disney Company is worth over $130 billion

Walt Disney was the company’s first CEO but he stepped down in 1960 to focus on the creative aspect of the company. Over the years, Disney has had lots of CEOs and its current Chairman is Robert A. Iger who took over in 2012.

Robert A. Iger

  • Robert Allen Iger was born on the 10th of February, 1951, in New York City, USA. He is a businessman, author, movie producer and an American media executive.
  • Iger worked as the president of ABC television and the Chief Operating Officer of Capital Cities Inc.
  • He is married to Willow Bay in 1995 and has 4 children.
  • Robert Allen Iger is worth is estimated to be about $690 million which he got from his business and media executive career.


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