Who is the Richest Man and Woman in Nigeria in 2021?


WHo is the Richest Man & Woman in Nigeria currently?

There are many billionaires in Africa that turn out to top the list and they are from Nigeria even on the list of the richest black people on earth Nigerians top the list.

There are lots of rich people in Nigeria businessman, businesswoman, entertainers which includes actors comedians saying god musicians they are all very rich including politicians even though they are not being counted due to their source of income.

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Literally Nigerians are hustlers and just give them the opportunity and they will make the best out of every given chance, Nigerians love money and take their businesses and investments very serious that is why they turn out to be the best in every field they operate in.

Richest Man in Nigeria -Aliko Dangote

However, I will be telling you more about the richest man and woman in Nigeria today.
But before then it is crucial that you know what and how net worth is being calculated.

Net worth is the total of everything a man or a woman owns that is called asset – what the person in question owes is in debt which is called liabilities. The asset is made up of massive amount of cash, investments, real estate, cars or any other expensive thing a person owns.

Aliko dangote remains the richest man in Nigeria, Africa and richest black man in the world. He has been very consistent on the list and returns the first position without reducing his net worth instead he always accumulate wealth and increased massively. As of April 2020 dangote net worth is estimated at $8 billion US dollars.

Yes surprising that a Nigerian man is that Rich not just that he’s an entrepreneur, he is also known as a philanthropist throughout Africa.

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The richest man in Nigeria is the founder and chairman of dangote cement – dangote group of companies. He remains the largest producer of cement throughout African continent.
his company dangote cement has its shares publicly traded in the market but Dangote himself Owns 85% of this company.

Is great cement company is involved in production of cement and this is done massively to the extent that it has its operations in over 10 African countries with the output of 45.6 million metric tons yearly.

The source of income is not just the cement company he owns a large stake of share in his sugar and salt production companies.

Not just only this cement and sugar companies dangote started the construction of his oil refinery in 2016 and this is said to be listed as one of the world’s largest oil refineries on its completion.


Aliko dangote is also educated as he holds a bachelor of arts and science from al-azhar university. He has been married in the past and is currently divorced with three children.

Aliko dangote was born in Kano in northern Nigeria on the 10th of April 1957. He was born into a rich Muslim family as his grand father was known to be a rich businessman who has exported peanuts to Europe in 1900s.

Dangote is passion for entrepreneurship began when he started the business of buying and selling candy in bulk to his primary School classmates. He returned to Nigeria after he graduated from the al-azhar university in Egypt in the early 1970s.

As soon as he returned to Nigeria you made a very big step into greatness which has lasted to this day when is powerful uncle landed him a lucrative contract from the government to manufacture and supply cement he also gave him a $5000 loan for him to start up his business.

Due to the fact that he spent time in Brazil and I seen the country rise to greatness from the power of industries he was inspired to make his business be like that someday in Nigeria.
This led to him launching the Dangote group in 1977 and till date that the company has lasted over 35 years he does really grown in a very fast pace.

His company in 2013 earned a revenue under 21 billion dollars. Dangote is not stopping here he has planned that in the next five years he is going to change Nigeria’s oil and gas industry with insufficient resources and that is why he is building the biggest oil refinery here in Nigeria this is a good investment because Nigeria is a country that is ranked 13th and the largest oil-producing countries of the world.

And Nigeria realise it’s a lot of money from crude oil is just that due to poor leadership and infrastructure we tend to embezzle money realized from the crude oil instead of using it for development in the country.

And this is why I want to build a billion-dollar industry that Nigeria will revolve around in terms of oil production and refinement. If this goes at 2 as planned Dangote will skyrocket to be one of the richest in the world and the whole Nigerian world will be in his pocket.
And he works really hard like a Harley takes a break or sleeps at night except for 3 to 4 hours and for several years he didn’t go for a vacation for at least 17 years straight and I record got broken when he visited Walt Disney World in Orlando with his 18 children, niece, nephew, and grandchildren.

Richest Woman in Nigeria-Folorunsho Alakija

Folorunsho Alakija has been listed by Forbes to be the richest woman in Nigeria and she has stayed on that top of the list consistently for the past years. Alakija is said to have an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion USD.

Alakija also got listed as the most powerful man in Africa after Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala in 2015 and that same year she got listed as the 87th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.

She is very real and she even owns a $700 million dollar mansion that is known as the most expensive building in the whole of Africa.

World ranking Name Citizenship Net worth (USD) Sources of wealth

  • 136 Aliko Dangote Nigeria worth  10.3 Billion amassed from Cement, Sugar, Salt production
  • 365 Mike Adenuga Nigeria worth  9.2 Billion amassed from Telecommunication, petroleum
  • 1425 Abdul Samad Rabiu Nigeria worth 1.6 Billion amassed from cement, sugar
  • 1561 Folorunsho Alakija Nigeria worth 1.1 Billion amassed from the Fashion industry, oil


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