Who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria?


On this page, we are talking about the stopping of the evil tradition that has been existence in Nigeria by the coming of the missionary.

The killing of twins in Nigeria was a very sad phenomenon that kept happening in the past. Africa is filled with many traditions that are not morally right but due to ignorance, people kept on with these practices for a very long time.

the birth of a baby should be something that brings joy and her family and in most cases, it is always celebrated twin birth occur frequently in the Yoruba tribe in the western part of Nigeria.

mary slessor

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It is estimated that the birth of twins in this tribe is said to be around 40 to 50 birth per 1000 births. According to research, it has been discovered that the Yorubas consume a high amount of a specie of yam that contains phytoestrogen.

This woman makes a woman’s ovary to release egg from both sides and this will increase the chances of thickening and producing twin babies.

And this is why do Yorubas give a special name to their twins – the first twin is named Taiwo which connotes “the first to taste the world” while the second twin is named Kehinde which means “the child that came behind get the right of the elder”

However, in Yoruba land that was an era where having twin babies was known to be a burden to the parents.

Over Yoruba land, you had to believe that twins were magical and the death of a twin would cause misfortune to the parents and the family and this might even extend to the society at large however this didn’t stop some people from killing the twins probably due to financial problems.

Mary Slessor Instrumental influence in stopping the killing of twins in Nigeria

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Okay, another part of Nigeria between the 19th and 20th century that killing of twins became rampant we the people of Ibibio and this trial could be found in the Southeastern region of Nigeria and when Dominica popular missionary woman named Mary Slessor came to Nigeria she became very instrumental in stopping this evil tradition.

Let’s talk about the woman who stopped The killing of twins in Nigeria. Mary Slessor was born in Aberdeen Scotland in the united kingdom on December 22nd, 1848. Her father had drinking problems while her mother insisted she attended churches while she was young.

It was when Mary gave her life to Christ. that she now developed a burning passion for religion elated she went ahead to join a local missionary church. It was at this missionary church that he started teaching at the Sunday school service at the age of 11 she taught the poor boys.


It was from there that she sold her seriousness and working and the Church of Christ how was how she got sent on a missionary journey to Africa Nigeria to be precise. she became a Scottish missionary to Calabar Nigeria where she had come to do the work of God with all determination she already made up her mind and nothing will stop her.

In Calabar, she resided with the Efik and Okoyong which were always close to the Efik tribe. After staying there for a while she learned how to speak Efik fluently which was the dialect of the Calabar.

She started preaching the Gospel of Christ then in Ekenga village in Calabar and that was her first evangelism outing.

That was where she caused a ruckus because most people came out to hear her speak she didn’t fear and spoke boldly the truth condemning their barbaric acts which contain superstitious tenets and killing of twin babies.

She didn’t stop there she also condemned the eating and consumption of human flesh in Calabar.

Her message brought light and hope to the people that heard her. It was as if light came into the darkness and overpowered it she spoke with courage vibration love and kindness to the villages this made the king of the village like her and permitted her to tell the village.

Haven’t been used today land and has adapted to the local food she stayed there while preaching.

She overcame and broke many of the village traditions which was superstitious.due to her passion for the Gospel of Christ God use that to perform several miracles an instance where she healed the sick was when the village chief was dying and she laid hands on him and prayed he recovered and was healed. To the village as she was a magician also known as a juju woman.

However, Mary didn’t accept that she was doing anything special she is just an instrument that was doing the work of God and because she worships Jesus Christ who had the power to heal the sick automatically every child of God will receive that power.

She always ask them to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior in order to get eternal life. she basically preached against their high idolatry rate in the village persuading them to believe in Christ as he was the only way the truth and life.

So during the era of the killing of twin babies, Mary insisted vehemently that the tradition be abolished.

It wasn’t easy for her at all because she had to pass through the sufferings Nigerian first at that moment imagine how backward it would have been back then, what time she walked through the midnight with lanterns she faced the malaria tropical fevers and hunger.

Also sometimes is she also witnessed the burial of a king where it’s required that There Will be bloodshed because it was part of the tradition that 25 people will be killed and buried with the King two goals have him in the afterlife she saw all that. That was the point of cannibalism and barbarism in Africa.

Mary Slessor didn’t just fight against the killing of twins she also fought for women’s rights. And finally when she won the Battle of abolishing killing of twins hundreds of babies that were twins were saved from death and till date, no one kills twins in Nigeria.

Do that wasn’t easy when she was trying to make it work because she had to go into the evil forest and rescue twin babies that were abandoned to die on the other of the chief and the villagers saw her as crazy and was disobeying the chief’s order she might have gotten killed but God protected her.


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