Who wants to be a Millionaire Nigeria (TV Game Show)


Welcome to the page where you would learn more about Nigeria’s game show – Who wants to be a millionaire Nigeria? It was one of the best family TV game shows that was very much loved. get to know more about the show here.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Is a game show in Nigeria that is the replica and franchise of who wants to be a millionaire in Britain.

This game show first went live on the 8th of October 2004 and was finally closed on the 25th of June 2017. Airoplaycare secured the sponsorship deal for the show and the 29th of August 2017 and this was after telecommunication giant MTN had canceled the sponsorship deal with the game show.

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This game show had some factors added to it that made it very much fun.

They are:

50/50: but this option the computer would cancel to random wrong option and would leave the right option with another wrong option and at this point it will be left for you to choose one.

Phone a friend: with this option a contestant on the show will have a chance to call anyone of the already arranged 5 friends that he has submitted the numbers in advance.

The time limit for the contestant to read the question to his friend is 30 seconds he also has extra four friends option with the limited time.

Ask the Audience: with this option if the contestant pics this you will look at the screen to see the percentage that is higher from the audience. This is because the audience uses TouchPad to select their perceived answer.

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Aroma Ufodike from Nnewi, Anambra state made history as the first person to win 10 million naira on the show on the 11th of September 2009. Until date he is the highest winner of this game show.

He wasn’t really easy for him but he did it even added the spice of personal experience to his, remember the movie slumdog millionaire yes Mr aroma did a similar thing he was asked the question in relation to Linus Mbah a Nigerian football referee.

This was because Mr. Mbah was his neighbor at home. His apartment was above his. Aroma Ufodike shouted ‘He lives on top of me!’

Special editions: Who wants to be a millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire in Nigeria has special editions that are being aired in certain periods of the year. In February there’s a valentine special where couples are invited to the hot seat to have a shot at the prize money by answering questions.


Also during the Children’s day celebrations, the children special edition is used to celebrate it by featuring kids ages between 8-14 years who are from different backgrounds to have a shot at ten million naira scholarships.

The reason for the shutting down of the program may not yet be ascertained however it happened after series of the major event took place. Please game show has aired for over 10 years in Nigeria on every major television network and has been notable as a family game show.

Most viewers were shocked when the show got shutdown. this happened after its major sponsor MTN had pulled out of the show and this my tablet to the organizers of the show to close it and not worry sponsor could take up the mantle.

Over the many rumours out there and the reason why the show came to an abrupt end.
however there was a major speculation that’s why MTN had backed out of this sponsorship was because of the then 330 billion naira fine by Nigerian communications commission.

The pulling out of MTN from this measure game show and affected the whole lot because many agencies that were in contract with the company lost deals even the staff were laid off.

The host for who wants to be a millionaire since it kicked off named Frank Edoho reportedly quit after MTN had pulled the plugs.

It was made public that the show will return in 2017 and for people to get more familiar with the show the highlights of the past editions would be aired for more than four weeks.
however it didn’t work out until that the show has not yet been back on TV.

it may not really be much of a surprise because who wants to be a millionaire the American version of the game show got cancelled after 17 years. In the US version you must be at least 18 years old and you have to be a citizen of the United States of America or at least a legal resident.

How about the other hand in Britain has been a total of five persons who won the top price which is 1 million pounds.  The Who wants to be a millionaire (UK version) has five top winners that are  Judith Keppel, David Edwards and Robert Brydges who won his in 2001, then Pat Gibson won his in 2004, and then Ingram Wilcox, who became the final contestant to win the game show before it was closed.

This game show is definitely authentic and there is nothing for you to worry about while giving them a try.

Top prize winners

Chimuanya Aroma Ufodike  10 million Naira (2009)
Osazuwa Osahon Daniels  5 million Naira (2009)
Babatunde Oni Oladipo  5 million Naira (2010)
Nnaemeka Ubaekwena  5 million Naira (2012)
Winifred E. Karieren  5 million Naira [First female to bag 5 million Prize] (2012)
Sammy Abraham  5 million Naira (2013)
Olalowo Olatokun  5 million Naira (2014)


Payout structure (2004-2017)

Question number Question value
1 ₦5,000
2 ₦7,500
3 ₦10,000
4 ₦15,000
5 ₦20,000
6 ₦30,000
7 ₦45,000
8 ₦70,000
9 ₦120,000
10 ₦250,000
11 ₦500,000
12 ₦1 Million
13 ₦2 Million
14 ₦5 Million
15 ₦10 Million


However this game show was not the only television show that made waves, David shows like project Fame which had up to 9 seasons, the voice Nigeria which was since 2016, Nigerian idol which spanned from 2010 to 2013, Nigeria’s got talent which has been on since 2012, Gulder ultimate search which was operational between the year 2004 to 2014.

And then finally the most interesting of them all the big brother Naija seasons, this particular one is filled with controversies talents and exposures it is the current most sought-after reality TV show because it changes and helps young people who are still inexperienced on how to become a celebrity. Most celebrities are also paid a visit to the big brother Naija house in Lagos.


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