Top 10 Work to do as a student in Nigeria and make money


Are you in search of a guide on how you can make money as a student in school without losing focus on your education?

Although combining work and studies can be a bit of struggle, yet there are jobs that require just a little attention from you, hence giving you money and leaving you with more time to study.

Works to do as a Student in Nigeria

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We have compiled some works you can do as a student and make money in Nigeria.

Work As A Freelancer

One of the easiest ways for you to make money online as a student is through Freelancing.

Whenever you don’t have lectures to attend or assignments to sort out, you can always do this quickly and be happy.

Meanwhile, this opportunity of freelancing is not only available to higher institution students, if you are still in secondary school, you can also do this kind of job as long as you meet the aged standard set by the company hiring you.

One very good thing about working as a freelancer is that you can decide the length of hours you want to work per day.

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Note that most freelancing jobs are jobs you have to do digitally.

In case you are wondering what kind of job you can do as a freelancer, the following are examples of jobs you can do:

Transcription and translation of content,

  • Typing services
  • Virtual assistance
  • Graphics design and so on.

2. Be A Niche Blogger

Has the thought of becoming a top blogger ever crossed your mind? Are you often held back from achieving your blogging dream due to the commitment you have for your education?

Well, here I come with good news for you! The solution to your challenge is simply called niche-blogging.

In niche blogging, you don’t have to put in much time or effort for your blog to develop and when it develops it will yield good money for you even till many years after.

To put it short, your niche site will only contain the simple information needed to be known about a specific topic.

Meanwhile, learn to take one step at a time, for instance, being a student you know that you may not be able to keep up with the demands of an entertainment blog because this kind of blog requires that you update gists steadily so don’t start an entertainment blog while you are in school.

3. Do Paid Online Survey Job

An online survey Is a major tool for companies to get feedback from their customers and clients.
This is one of the easy ways to make money online without paying a dime.

In Nigeria, there are a good number of survey sites where you can work and get paid. Good thing is that you can register with as many as you like.

After your registration, you will be given invites to partake in the surveys that usually come with good incentives. Another advantage of this kind of job is that it doesn’t take much of your time and you can decide not to yield to a survey Invitation.

4. Start A Photocopy & Printing Business

For students, this business is quite profitable because there will always be students who will want to do photocopies and printing of various documents.

Just make sure you are as close as possible to the school campus so that all students can be familiar with your location and you can be sure, you will earn a lot from this business.


One of the advantages of this kind of work is that since you are your own boss, you can decide when to work and when not to, or better still, you can employ someone who will be doing the printing and photocopy while you are not around.

5. Start A Recharge Card

This kind of business does not have high returns but if you sell much of it, you will surely have some cash to move around with.

So buy a large amount of recharge card, get a small bag where you can keep them and inform your mates and friends that are using selling
card and you can be sure customers will locate you.

6. Take Private Lessons

This is also a very good means of making money for you. Usual, ly home lesson doesn’t take much of time, so you can simply try this.

Just locate the parents or guardians who want private lessons for their children and introduce yourself to them.

Also, inform them about your intention to help tutor their wards.
Though some may be skeptical about your teaching skills and abilities, you will definitely find those who will trust you enough to release their wards to you,

Meanwhile, there’s a common bait to get the attention and approval of the both set parent, it is your price.

If you tell them to pay half of what a normal school teacher will collect, you can be sure they will subscribe to you.

7. Sell Out Your Past Question Papers and others

Of what use is your past question papers to you after writing your exams and moving on to the next level, What do you do with your course materials and textbooks?
Do you just keep thor throw them away?

Well, we have a good idea for you. As a student who is looking for ways to earn money while in school, you can sell those Past questions to students who are interested and earn more money.

Although you may not be making so much money from this, the little you will get is something.

8. Submit Stories To Media Companies

Now let’s look within, do realizes that there are lots of unreported happenings in the school environment?

Well, if you really intend to make money, you should keep your ears and eyes open to receive the latest news and happenings in your school.

Are you wondering what to do with this news? There are countless media out there who are in serious search of latest news, updates and corresponding pictures to post on their websites.

Depending on how relevant and catchy the story is, you will be paid for the stories you submit and if the news you leaked is one that is capable of going viral, you should expect good pay.

9. Organize Tutorials For Other Students On Campus.

To be frank, not all students that are sound academically, some are basically struggling to grasp the concept and topics of their various courses in school and most of these student needs urgent assistance.

This is a business opportunity for you if you are sound academically.

You know you can’t afford to do this freely so you have to charge them even if it’ as little amount of money so you can settle your needs.

Meanwhile, if you notice your level mates are giving you a tough time, you can move to freshers- those who are just entering the school are likely to cherish this kind of thing more.

10. Start Your Own Mini Football Viewing Centre

You will agree with me that the demand for a football viewing center is usually very high in the school environment, so don’t you think that is a good business opportunity for you?

If you are buoyant enough, I will advise that you start this business. Good enough, football matches are usually shown on weekends so it won’t really affect your academics.


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