How to Perform Cashless Withdrawal on Zenith Bank ATM


Have you ever imagine withdrawing money from the ATM point without your debit card with you or you even wanted to withdraw but forgot your ATM card at home and you are in there need of cash at that point in time.

You might even have lost your card and you are in need of emergency cash to use, and your only saving grace is for you to visit the ATM point and make withdrawals.

As you know we have so many ways on how you can withdraw your money from your bank account, among the ways are you visiting the banking hall and withdrawing your money on the counter after you might have filled your withdrawal slip and presenting it the cashier to Effect your withdrawal.

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Another way you can use to withdraw is to visit the nearest ATM point and insert your debit card into the ATM point and make your withdrawal.

The third way you can use to withdraw your money from your account is what we are exploring here and that is the cardless withdrawal method. The cardless withdrawal method can be defined to be a method of withdrawal from the ATM point without the use of an ATM card.

So many banks offer this service, but for the purpose of this write up we will be looking at Zenith bank cardless withdrawal process. Zenith bank cardless withdrawal through the ATM is a process whereby it allows you to withdraw money from any ATM point without the use of a debit card.

Before we go into the steps involved to perform the cardless withdrawal through zenith bank, let’s quickly look through the history of the bank.

Brief History of Zenith Bank

Zenith bank is one of the biggest and strongest financial institutions we have in this country, the bank was founded in May 1990 with a capital base of about $4 million. The bank presently runs its operation in Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa.

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The bank has over 200 branches with millions of customers nationwide, the bank ranks among the richest banks we have in this country.

Zenith Bank Wiki Data

  • Name: Zenith Bank
  • Industry: Finance
  • Founded: 1990
  • Founder: Jim Ovia
  • Service:  Banking
  • Website: com



How to Use Zenith Bank Cardless Withdrawal

  • You must have a mobile phone
  • From your mobile phone dial *966*00#
  • Once you dial a drop-down will appear select 7
  • Follow the zenith bank prompt command
  • You will be prompted to provide the last 4 digit of your ATM card
  • Once you provide the last 4 digits you will also ask to create a 4 digit pin to be used on
  • You will also receive a unique code on your phone from the bank, with this code you can proceed to the ATM apply it
  • At the ATM point insert your card and locate quick teller
  • Once you locate quick teller click on it and follow the prompt command, you will be required to provide the code the bank sent to you, with that you can make your cardless withdrawal on the ATM point.

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