Zenith Bank Internet Banking: All you need to Know


This is a detailed step by step guide on what you need to know about ZENITH bank internet banking, Zenith Mobile Banking and Online E-banking services provide customers access to banking services 24/7 and easy access to customers account for the transaction

Zenith bank is one of the biggest financial institutions we have in this country as off today, with numerous branches spread across Nigeria and outside the country.

The bank was founded in the year 1990 by JIM OVIA and as one the biggest customers base in this country.

The lunch of zenith bank internet banking has been a blessing to its customers, as it brings flexibility to customers’ banking operations.

Zenith bank internet banking operates on two major platforms, the Mobile Banking and the Online E-banking services are among the top-notch services provided by the bank to its customers.

Both the Mobile Banking and Online E-banking internet services are available to its customers operating both the Zenith bank individual account and corporate account holders.


These services are available to both it’s individual and corporate account holder, and they are as follows;

  1. Checking of account balances
  2. Checking of daily transaction reports
  3. Interbank and Intra bank funds transfer
  4. Check transfer history and print transfer receipts
  5. Make purchases for zenith bank billers, Quickteller Billers and NIBSS Billers
  6. Make payment for GOTV, DSTV subscription fees, and PHCN bills
  7. Purchase of airtime of all network
  8. You can book airline travel tickets for all partners airlines


Before you visit the online banking platform, you will need to first visit the nearest zenith bank branch close to you and request for a TOKEN and PIN.

After you have gotten the TOKEN and PIN, you can proceed to their online platform and fill the online application form. After filling the application form you will be issued with a TOKEN, ACCESS CODE, USERNAME, AND PASSWORD, That would be used to access their internet platform.

NOTE:The token issued to you at the bank will cost you #1500.


  1. Visit this link https://ibank.zenithbank.com/internetbanking
  2. Once the link open on your browser, you will need to login by providing the Access code, Username, and Password given to you by the bank branch you visited earlier when filling your online application form.

It is advisable once you login in, quickly change the password to your preferred or desired one, after you have successfully changed the password, you can then proceed to log in again with your Access code, Username, and your new password.

You can log in using two methods, you will be prompted to tick the box to choose which method you prefer to login with.

You can choose your preferred way of login either with your Account number, Token + PIN, OR you Login with your Account number + Password.

Immediately after successful Login, you can now navigate around the site and see the various sections of the internet banking platform.

Once your account is fully registered. You can now start to perform your monetary transactions and transfer of funds to both local banks and foreign beneficiaries.


However, you can transfer funds as many times every day, but the daily limit of your transactions is N2 Million naira.


You need to be familiar with the various quick service code provided by zenith bank to perform quick banking service.

Check out the codes below:

  1. OPEN ACCOUNT                                                                 *966*00#
  2. STOP DEBIT TRANSACTION                                               *966*911#
  3. BUY AIRTIME FOR SELF                                                     *966*AMOUNT#
  4. BUY AIRTIME FOR OTHERS                                               *966*AMOUNT*MOBILE NO#
  5. TRANSFER FUND                                                               *966*AMOUNT*AMOUNT#
  6. UPDATE BVN                                                                     *966*BVN#
  7. RESET MOBILE BANKING                                                  *966*60#
  8. DEACTIVATE MOBILE BANKING                                     *966*20*0#
  9. PAY BILLS(DSTV,PHCN)                                                    *966*7*AMOUNT#

This is one of the flexibility that zenith mobile transaction offers you. It can be done virtually on any mobile device and doesn’t require any internet connection to be done.

Zenith bank transfer codes or USSD codes give you easy transaction of funds from Zenith bank to another Zenith bank account holder also from Zenith to other banks using your mobile phones.

To use this mobile service you need to register your phone numbers for Zenith mobile money transfer.

You can only use the mobile phone number you used to open your Zenith bank account and make sure it’s been activated for mobile money transfer.

Once you have done this, now follow the following steps to see how to use the USSD Transfer code for your Zenith Bank Internet Banking.

  • Zenith Bank Transfer Code is *966#

To transfer money from Zenith bank account to any other bank in Nigeria, follow the steps below;

  • Using the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank
  • Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# e.g (*966*5000*0987654321#)
  • Once you dial, follow the on-screen instruction and complete your transaction.

For more information you can check them on their social media handle.


The Bank maintains social media pages on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can use this service to check your account number, you simply log in to your Facebook or Twitter account; Visit either of the above links and post a request there stating your inquiry. You will be asked to provide your full name, mobile number, residential address, Zenith bank branch you used in opening your account.


  • Founder-JIM OVIA
  • Zenith Bank HQ- Zenith Heights, Plots 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State  Nigeria.
  • Number of Branches- They have over 500 branches nationwide

For more information and inquiry you can visit their customer service

Zenith Bank Customer Care

You can contact the Zenith Bank Customer Care for inquiries, complaints, questions and any issues or services you need from them.

Hence, you can contact them using the following channels.

  • Zenith Bank Selfcare Hot-lines: 4647000, 2927000, +234-1-2787000
  • Zenith Bank Email Address: Zenithdirect@zenithbank.com
  • You can reach them via their social media handles on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


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