10 Best Music Instrument to learn in Nigeria in 2022


Thinking of the best set of musical instruments you can learn in this new year? You are on the right page as we will be sharing with you the 10 best musical instruments to learn in 2022.

As you most probably know already, musical instruments are unique devices created to make musical sounds. There are several examples of musical instruments belonging to different categories but we will be focusing on the 10 best musical instruments to learn in 2022.

Music is not just pleasant to the body but it is a form of healing too. Whether you are singing or playing an instrument, it gives satisfaction and makes you feel relaxed.

As stated earlier, we have various kinds of musical instruments but we will be writing on just ten.

1.Keyboard/ Piano






7.Bass Guitar

8.Electric guitar


10. Trumpet

1. Keyboard/Piano

Keyboard or The piano is one of the best musical instruments you can learn. Piano involves the use of both hands for playing. It improves fine-motor skills, also helps in hand-in-hand eye coordination, and enhancing memory both visual and verbal.

2. Saxophone

The saxophone is a pleasant, highly portable instrument and very easy to learn. The saxophone is the most popular wind Instrument and is highly desired in schools.

The saxophone comes in different sizes and is useful in a variety of music genres, though they are most known for jazz.

3. Guitar

The guitar is always captivating, the guitar is a fretted musical instrument that often has six strings. Most times, it is held flat against the person playing it on the body. Playing the guitar helps release dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

Speaking of the most played instruments in several nations of the world, the guitar instrument is one of them. The guitar instrument helps to make strong social bonds in music environments. It also helps to improve concentration.

4. Drums

Being a drummer itself is a great talent. Although people think it’s loud and large, you must be able to have room and make a lot of noise where you live.

Learning how to play drums takes more practice than most other instruments. It is great fun and you can enjoy playing drums along with your favorite songs or even play in a band.

Besides, when playing drums, one has to coordinate all four limbs to work simultaneously. This boosts brainpower and development.

5. Tamborine

The tambourine is a very simple but very effective instrument that is good to know about. It can be played along with all your favorite songs or play along with a friend, with another friend who plays a piano or guitar.

It comes in different kinds of styles. Some are metal,  some are wooden with animal skin, and others plastic. They have “Jingles”.

This is widely considered as one of the easiest instruments to learn that is, for someone who is truly ready to learn.

6. Violin

Violin is made from solid wood and not only designed for kids but for whoever wishes to learn. It is often hand-carved and the stylish finish makes it look great and unique. It also comes with all the needed accessories and a carry case too. Some reasons why you should get a violin in 2022 include

  • The price is usually reasonable
  • There’s a complete manual for beginners
  • Hand-carved design
  • A 1-year warranty is included

Though Violin is regarded as the smallest instrument In the string family, it is safe to say that violinists are talented sets of people.

7. Bass guitar

Learning to play the bass guitar is the perfect choice for any beginner. The bass guitar is stringed and it also comes with its accessories. This instrument has an elongated neck with four to six strings and a wider scale diameter.

The Bass guitar is usually played with thumb or fingers by slapping, picking, popping, tapping, strumming,  picking thumping using a plectrum.

8. Electric Guitar

The electric guitar was invented in the year 1931. The string is made of metal and makes use of pick-up to change the oscillation strings.

Playing the electric guitar is easier too than playing the acoustic guitar. It gives easy access to learners to explore a range of choices.


Clarinet actually means ‘little trumpet’ and it belongs to a family of woodwind instruments. It is mostly played using a single-reed mouthpiece and its cylindrical shape is responsible for the clarinet’s unique musical notes.

The tone quality can be different with the musician, the music, the instrument, the mouthpiece, and the reed. The clarinet is one of the best easy instruments for beginners to learn. It helps your lungs a great respiratory workout for proper functioning.

10. Trumpet

The trumpet family comprises the instrument with the highest register in the brass family. The music here is created from a small gust of air that is blown strategically into the trumpet to cause vibration inside the tubes.

Although it requires lots of strength, breathing techniques were tremendous air pressure in the lungs. But with the right and qualified instructor, the trumpet is easy to play.


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