Nigerian Girls — Can Salt Water prevent Pregnancy?


It’s no news that getting pregnant outside wedlock is more or less considered to be a “taboo” in our typical Nigerian setting.

This has driven many young Nigerian females to undergo abortions, many of which are carried out in unsafe conditions and as such, leads to serious medical complications or in most cases, death.

The major reason why this happens is that many of our young ladies today are misinformed about effective ways of emergency contraception.

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Rather than playing safe and making adequate research, they instead opt for unproven methods of emergency contraception such as the infamous “Alabukun”, lime/lemon and of course – our subject of discussion today —saltwater solution.

Does It Actually Work?

Can salt water prevent unwanted pregnancy? Does salt solution kill spermatozoa?

Medical practitioners are plagued with several of such questions, especially from young ladies. The answer is simply No. Salt water solution does not prevent unwanted pregnancy and here’s why: Neither salt nor water possesses any contraceptive properties and cannot be used to prevent pregnancy.

Also, there is no direct connection between the stomach and the womb. So you shouldn’t presume that anything you ingest to your stomach would have a direct effect on your womb.

In a case study carried out in 2018 on 300 Nigerian women who aborted pregnancies between March and September, it was proven that the salt water method was futile to 87% of young ladies who opted for it.

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You might then wonder, “What about the remaining 13%?” “If this method worked for 13% of the ladies who tried it, then there certainly must be some potency in it.” In truth, the method didn’t actually work for the 13% ladies. They were simply lucky and were most likely in their safe fertility window when they had unprotected sex.

Other Misleading Theories

Quite disturbingly, the salt water solution isn’t the only contraceptive myth that young ladies have now come to believe. There are several other misleading theories such as usage of the aforementioned “Alabukun” and lime/lemon, urinating immediately after sex and drinking highly concentrated alcohol such as whiskey.

These are all false and shouldn’t be considered valid. Contrary to what most young ladies assume, these methods rather do more harm than good.

Concentrated salt solution for instance, can cause you to vomit immediately after ingesting it and this is harmful to your health as it creates an imbalance in your body’s salt, sugar and water level.

Not only that, excessive salt intake increases the risk of hypertension as it causes poor blood pressure control. As such, nutritionists and medical personnel advise strongly against this and instead, advise people to cut down their salt intake.

Our Verdict/Better Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

All these have proven that salt water solution does not prevent unwanted pregnancy but instead, should be abstained from. Rather than putting your health and well-being on the line, there are better ways through which unwanted pregnancy can be prevented such as the use of condoms, emergency contraceptives (i.e. Postinor), withdrawal method and even calendar calculation.

Even better, there are now mobile applications which ladies can utilize to help them effectively track their periods and determine their fertility window. It should however be noted that contraceptives should be used within 72 hours after sexual intercourse (the earlier, the better).

If you also vomit few hours after taking a pill, you are advised to take another one. You shouldn’t also freak out when your menstrual cycle is delayed or irregular because that’s only normal after taking a contraceptive.

All the aforementioned methods – when dutifully followed, are sure to prevent unwanted pregnancy and keep you safe, with little or no long-term side effects.



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