Top 10 Nigerian Schools With Best WAEC Results


This is an academic body which is responsible for the assessment of the senior secondary school students before they proceed into Tertiary Institutions, it prepares and organizes exams for students and marks to verify those who are truly qualified to move on to the next level of education.

This body majorly checks the understanding of students on topics that they have been taught from the start of their Senior Secondary School 1 to 3.

In finding out the best schools in the Country, the WAEC has tried to follow certain statistics based on the exams that have been conducted in the past years.

This list of the most performed schools is usually made available to the public in order to help parents and guardians decide well for the future of their wards.

Here, we present to you, the top ten schools in Nigeria with the best WAEC result based on the analysis made by the WAEC body.

1. Loyola Jesuit College

The first school on this list is the most reputable citadel of learning inaugurated on the 2nd of October, 1996 and situated in Abuja.
This school has produced a good number of students with quite impressive WAEC results in Nigeria.

Following statistics, this school has been maintaining this good record for over seven years and besides, this school has also been honored several for producing students with the best results in JAMB.

These and many more are reasons why Loyola Jesuit College is regarded as the best secondary school in West Africa.

2. Marist Brothers’ Juniorate, Uturu

Occupying the second position on this list is another highly esteemed Citadel of learning which was established in the year 1981 by the Marist Brothers in Uturu.

Since its establishment, this school has been properly managed and operated by the Marist Brothers.

This highly esteemed school performs two major complex roles:
First is to strengthen the academic knowledge of its students
And the second is to inculcate good morals into their students so as to get them prepared for the future and to make them responsible adults.

One of the notable facts about this school is the highly qualified rank of teachers it has, the educators have strong morals and good educational standards.

Another noteworthy fact about this school is the good communication skills which the teachers often exhibit when relating with the students.

3. Lumen Christi International High School, Uromi

This school was institutionalised in 1986 by Rev, Dr. P.E. Ekpu and situated in Edo State.

This catholic school named Lumen Christi International School has been honored on various occasions, one of which is the position it occupies as the 4th best secondary school in the whole of West Africa.
Five years after this school won the 4th best school in West Africa, the school was given the same award again which is proof of the good work done by the authorities of the school.

4. Grundtvig International Secondary School, Anambra State.

This school is located in Anambra state and it occupies the fourth position on this list of the top 10 schools with the best WAEC result in Nigeria.

This is a boarding school that has produced a high number of outstanding students with applaudable exam results.
Also, this school has been named severally among top academic rankings in Nigeria like the top 10 performing schools in Nigeria based on Statistics as declared by the WAEC body.

5. Mea Mater Elizabeth High School, Agbani

This is a school established in the year 2004 in Agbani, Enugu State.

Since its establishment, this school has been mentioned in several top rankings in the academic sector.

Mea Matter Elizabeth High School was once mentioned as one of the top 10 schools with outstanding WAEC results in the year 2015.

Also, in the year 2011, this school was highly regarded as one of the high-performance schools in the African region.

6. Christ the King College, Gwagwalada

This is a school established in the year 1991 as part of the catholic mission by the Late Dominic Cardinal Ekanem.

This school was established with the major purpose of nurturing and producing God-fearing, intelligent, reliable, responsible and patriotic students.

Since the establishment of this school, it has been fulfilling its mandate by producing students with notable WAEC results in Nigeria.

7. The Lagoon Secondary School, Lekki

In the 7th position, we have The Lagoon Secondary School which is situated in Lagos State.

Established with the sole purpose of building up girls that will be useful to the Nigerian society, The Lagoon Secondary School is a girls school that has recorded a good number of achievements in the academic world.

8. Graceland International School, Port-Harcourt

Speaking of schools with high educational standards, Graceland is one of them.

This school is well known for its all-round kind of excellence her students have in almost all exams they engage in.

Also, Graceland is known for its high moral standards, highly interesting extracurricular activities and academics success.

9. Nigerian Turkish International College, Kaduna

This school which is situated in the Northern region of Nigeria has a good learning environment even as it provides quality education for its students.

And asides these, Nigerian Turkish College also sponsors her students for higher education which is a major source of inspiration for its students.

This motivation given to the students of Nigerian Turkish College has resulted in their students having good grades in WAEC.

10. Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Ibadan

In the tenth position, we have this unique citadel of learning situated in Ibadan.

This school has been responsible for the promotion of academic excellence in Oyo State, Nigeria through the nurturing and release of students with the best WAEC result.

In conclusion, these schools may not actually be the only set of best schools in Nigeria but they are ranked as the top ten due to the fact that their students usually have the highest scores in WAEC which is a good indication that these students are getting well groomed for the next stage in their lives- Tertiary Institutions.


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